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March 24, 2010

Glucose Test and the Third Trimester

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I had my 27 week appointment on Monday. 45 minutes prior to it I had to drink a glucose drink (fruit punch ‘flavored’) and then get my blood drawn to see how my body broke down the sugar. It was basically to make sure I wasn’t at risk for gestational diabetes. The stuff tasted *nasty*. It was hard to get it all down in 5 minutes but I managed. I felt really faint afterward, but I guess that’s normal.

My weight… 155.4 and my blood pressure was great! Gracie cooperated today rather than moving away from the doppler, but I’m guessing that’s because she’s probably running out of room in there to hide. Heartbeat was 134 (last appt was 142) so she’s getting bigger! I got my blood drawn after listening to the heartbeat. It took a couple of pokes since my veins never want to cooperate, and the nurse said if I didn’t hear from them by Wednesday(today) that I was in the clear. No news is good news! Well… no message from them today so I am tentatively celebrating that I passed this test! Which is supposedly my last one for awhile.

But let me tell you… the rest of the day after that drink? I felt like my stomach would explode. It made noises I had never heard before and I swear Gracie had turned into a monster and was growling and trying to eat my insides. I thought for a few minutes it was contractions, it hurt so bad, but thankfully they went away after a *cough* trip to the bathroom. Poor Gracie was bouncing off the freaking uterine walls for the rest of the day though, good grief.

Dr. Paraskos congratulated me on getting to my third trimester during the appointment. Holy crap, time flies. Some days it feels like it’s going so slow… but last trimester? 3 more months! We have so much left to do, and April is going to be a busy month. We’re getting ready for Easter, and then Chicago, birthing classes, my sister’s wedding. Gah! 🙂 But before you know it, June will be here.

Baby size this week? Still an eggplant 😉


March 18, 2010

A Library for Grace

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I have started a library for Grace pretty early, but I think it’s a good idea to have some books in the nursery. I loved reading as a kid (and still do!) and I hope if she starts getting read to early, she’ll find the same passion for reading that I have! I’ve been sticking to picture books and early reader books, obviously, but I can’t help but grab some classics. Half Priced Books is a great place to go (or any used bookstore) for these, rather than spending full price at, say, Barnes and Noble. So far I’ve purchased The Complete Tales of Winnie the Pooh (with Classic Pooh covers, since it goes with our nursery theme), Twas The Night Before Christmas, an ABC book, and a couple Dr. Seuss books (Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, and Are You My Mother?) As I find more books, I’m going to purchase them and put them on a bookshelf in her nursery once we get it going. If you have any suggestions on what books to get her, feel free to comment!

March 14, 2010

Cute Clothes. I can’t help myself.

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I have been feeling a lot more movement from Gracie the last day or so. It’s a very odd sensation every time she does it, but it never ceases to make me smile, or put my mind at ease. I literally felt a limb of some kind the other night, spread across my stomach. Sometimes if I don’t feel her for a couple hours, I start to worry, but I guess that comes with the territory of becoming a mom. I’ll be worrying about her for the rest of my life, no doubt. She’s as big as an ‘eggplant’ now, according to The Bump. “

Average size: 13.6-14.8 inches, 1.5-2.2 lb.” (Photo belongs to the Bump)

Vince and I have discovered there is a Carter’s store in Columbus, up by Polaris. This is very bad. Why? Because I think Carter’s has the *cutest* clothes, and they’re decently priced. I bought quite a few Carter’s brand items from Target and Kohl’s, but Carter’s itself is *nothing* but adorableness, plus at the moment they have a huge Spring sale going on. We bought her some more clothes, including a dress she can wear when we go up to Canton for Labor Day.

There hasn’t been a whole lot going on, pregnancy wise. Heartburn has kicked in, and I have to tell you, it sucks. It wakes me up in the middle of the night, but a couple of Tums later and I can usually fall back asleep. More strangers have been commenting on my belly, but thankfully they all tell me I look great for being 6 months. You might think that people have common sense not to say anything that could be construed as unflattering or insulting, but not everyone thinks things through before they say things out loud.

Next week I’ll be 26 weeks. Two more weeks until the 3rd trimester. My sister’s bridal shower is coming up (she is getting married in May!) and then I realize April is going to be super busy. Vince and I are going to Chicago to visit some friends and our birthing classes start. My baby shower will be on the 25th… and then May will hit us. I can’t believe it’s about 3 1/2 months to my due date. It feels like yesterday it was October and we were getting a positive pregnancy test… and then Christmas when we told our families. I feel really unprepared, but at the same time, totally ready. Maybe.

March 6, 2010


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This is a blog I hope to keep updated as I start into the ‘home stretch’ of my pregnancy. It might have been better to start from the very beginning, but I think 25 weeks (okay, 24 weeks and 4 days to be precise) is as good as a time as any to chronicle my way to June 21st. A very quick backstory on me. I’m 29 years old, and I have been trying to conceive a baby since I was 24. We began in February of 2005. After a year of trying on our own, we got some tests done through my doctor’s office, whom I will call Dr. P. Our struggle with infertility was a pretty long, emotional, exhausting and expensive trek (The Three E’s) that ultimately landed us in an RE’s office. RE is a Reproductive Endocrinologist who specializes in fertility. Now our so-called fertility problems were defined as ‘unexplained’, which is exactly what it sounds like. ‘We have no idea what the hell is wrong with you.’ Vince was pretty much perfect in the role he had to play in this entire thing. All his tests were great. It was me that was the issue. My body wasn’t cooperating, and I can’t really explain to you how it feels to believe that you’re not quite ‘woman’ enough to do what nature intended and carry a child.

I had a lot of faith in God, although I had to admit I wasn’t always happy with Him. There was a lot of bribing, resentment, pleading, crying… you name it, I probably did it. But I knew, in the end, it would happen when the time was right, and when the time was right, He would bless us with a baby.

It got to the point where I started looking into adoption. We were on our second cycle of Follistim (injectible medicine to help produce more mature follicles) and really had only one more cycle ahead of us should this one fail. We had spent a LOT of money over the past 4 plus years on trying to get that little swimmer to where it needed to be. There were so many tests, bills, appointments, medicines, both oral and otherwise. We started injects the summer of 2009, where Vince had to pop a needle in me every night for a certain amount of days, split up by trips to the RE’s office (we’ll call him Dr. S) to have invasive ultrasounds to look at my ovaries. Thankfully Dr. S was extremely personable, and optimistic and actually made me feel like he *cared* about our struggle, rather than viewing us as another cash cow the way I feel some doctors do.

But I digress. After our first injects cycle failed, I had to take a month off because of cysts. I had a laparoscopy done, despite both Dr. P and Dr. S not really thinking I needed one, but lo and behold, they found mild endometriosis and a cyst. After everything was removed, then came cycle #2. At this point we had done 12 IUIs between Dr. P and Dr. S. I had been on Clomid, Follistim, taken trigger shots, booster shots… every possible vitamin to help fertility? I did it. I was tired, and more or less resigned to the fact that having my own baby may never happen. We did the IUI after finding 3 mature follicles. Then I went about my business. For two weeks, I practically forgot about the IUI. I didn’t obsess over my possible symptoms, the way I had for 3 years. I didn’t circle my testing date on my calendar. I didn’t… care. Okay, that’s wrong. I *cared*, I just didn’t revolve my life around those two weeks, because in my heart, I knew it the test would be negative. We couldn’t afford IVF ($14,000 out of pocket? Yeah… no.) So I started researching adoption… just in case. I still wanted children, and if I was going to end up paying thousands of thousands of dollars, it was going to be when I knew for sure I would be getting a baby out of it.

Remember what I said this would be a quick backstory?

5 days past my IUI, I had to take a booster shot of HCG to try and help my body believe it was pregnant so it would give the ‘egg’ (hopefully a fertilized one) time to implant in my lining. A lot of women using the HCG trigger/booster shots love to test them out. They get positive pregnancy tests after taking the shot, since HCG is what your body produces when you ARE pregnant. Then, as the HCG begins to fade, the positive pregnancy tests fade as well. If you end up getting knocked up, the HCG returns, and chances are, if you get another + test after about 14 days (on a simple trigger), it’s likely a legit positive!

The booster just added more days to my 2 week wait. I had to test on October 15, 17 days past my iui, whereas the trigger usually allows you to test 14-15days past.

I took a test on 11 days past iui. It was a faint positive, which told me the HCG booster was fading from my body. I went about my weekend and forgot about it. Monday morning, I found another cheapie HPT in my bathroom and took another one for fun.

The bottom test is from 11dpiui and the top is 14dpiui. The top was definitely darker. But with the HCG fading, it should have been getting lighter, or have been completely gone… RIGHT?

I was suddenly becoming obsessed all over again with POAS (peeing on a stick or pee on a stick). I didn’t tell Vince, since we had a few more days before my official testing date, and I didn’t want to get his hopes up. At lunch that day, I went to CVS to buy a pregnancy test. I spent $21 on 3 tests…

I had never seen a positive pregnancy test so… positive. And so close to an official testing date. I waited… and Wednesday, 16dpiui, I took another test and a digital that read “Pregnant”. Just to be safe (and because I loved taking the tests and seeing POSITIVE instead of stark white NO), I test Thursday, October 15th, my official testing date.

It was hard to believe. After 4+ years of nothing, and dwindling hope and a lot of rollercoastering emotions, we were finally pregnant! I got the BETA (blood test through my RE’s office) that day and YES I was pregnant. Another test 2 days later showed my blood levels were rising… something that felt so out of reach was finally mine. And ours.

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